#17 Northern ArizonaNorthern Arizona
(8-4, 6-2)
#2 Georgia SouthernGeorgia Southern
(10-2, 7-1)
NCAA I-AA 1st Round
1:00 PM, November 27, 1999
Paulson Stadium - Statesboro, GA
Attendance: 7,140

BasicsPossessionsPlaysYardsAvg. FPPlays/PossYards/PlayYards/PossPoints/Poss
Georgia Southern136065935.74.610.9850.75.38
Northern Arizona129255722.57.76.0546.42.42
BasicsScoring OppsOpps/PossPoints/OppOpportunity PointsExplosive PointsAvailable YardsAvailable Yards GainedAvailable Yards %
Georgia Southern90.696.22561683665978.8%
Northern Arizona80.673.6329093057061.3%
Success RateRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. Downs
Georgia Southern66%42.9%66.0%53.8%
Northern Arizona50%42.6%46.7%43.8%
Yards Per PlayRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. Downs
Georgia Southern10.3516.6712.136.85
Northern Arizona4.826.935.087.88
Success Rate by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern70.6%40.0%76.9%66.7%63.3%
Northern Arizona60.0%40.7%44.4%38.9%45.7%
Yards Per Play by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern7.0012.0717.628.6710.98
Northern Arizona5.205.787.635.066.05
Success Rate by Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern57.6%72.2%62.5%100.0%63.3%
Northern Arizona38.5%42.9%60.0%60.0%45.7%
Yards Per Play by Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern13.557.1710.003.0010.98
Northern Arizona4.645.218.6011.606.05
IsoPPPRushingPassingStd. DownsPass. DownsGame
Georgia Southern2.1842.8762.3701.0881.318
Northern Arizona0.7050.8790.7240.9530.800
Avg Yards To Go By Down1st2nd3rd4thGame
Georgia Southern9.338.065.381.008.28
Northern Arizona9.628.296.455.808.32
Expected ScoresQ1Q2Q3Q4Final
Georgia Southern15.10
7 (-8.10)
23 (6.15)
28 (1.73)
14 (-3.09)
72 (-3.31)
Northern Arizona14.87
7 (-7.87)
7 (-7.21)
8 (-8.07)
7 (-1.20)
29 (-24.35)
Total Yards by QQ1Q2Q3Q4Game
Georgia Southern119181229130659
Northern Arizona10415620691557
Percentile PerformancesValueHist. Rank%ile Perf.
YPP Differential4.9320 / 53696th
Total Yards Per Play Gained10.983 / 53699th
Total Yards Per Play Allowed6.05411 / 53623rd
Rush Yards Per Play Gained10.356 / 53698th
Rush Yards Per Play Allowed4.82415 / 53622nd
Pass Yards Per Play Gained16.6732 / 53694th
Pass Yards Per Play Allowed6.93297 / 53644th
Passing StatsCompAttYardsComp %Success RtTDINTYds/AttYds/Comp
Georgia Southern4610066.7%50.0%2016.6725.00
Standard Downs127350.0%50.0%1036.5073.00
Passing Downs342775.0%50.0%106.759.00
Greg Hill4610066.7%50.0%2016.6725.00
Standard Downs0100.0%0.0%000.000.00
Passing Downs342775.0%50.0%106.759.00
Northern Arizona315437457.4%42.6%036.9312.06
Standard Downs153120648.4%41.9%026.6513.73
Passing Downs162316869.6%43.5%017.3010.50
Travis Brown274633458.7%43.5%037.2612.37
Standard Downs0100.0%0.0%000.000.00
Passing Downs342575.0%50.0%006.258.33
Preston Parsons484050.0%37.5%005.0010.00
Standard Downs261533.3%33.3%002.507.50
Passing Downs114100.0%0.0%004.004.00
Rushing StatsRushesYardsYds/AttSuccess RtLY/AttOpp RtHlt/OppPower RtStuff Rt
Georgia Southern5057111.4270.0%4.8262.0%10.6580.0%6.0%
Adrian Peterson171347.8858.8%3.9747.1%8.3150.0%11.8%
Greg Hill1420614.7171.4%5.2771.4%13.22100.0%7.1%
Edmund Coley5183.6060.0%3.2040.0%1.00100.0%0.0%
Bennie Cunningham4389.5075.0%6.0075.0%4.67-0.0%
Cherard Freeman35819.3366.7%5.6766.7%20.50-0.0%
Mark Myers33812.67100.0%6.50100.0%6.17-0.0%
J.R. Revere15454.00100.0%7.50100.0%46.50-0.0%
Andre Weathers11414.00100.0%7.50100.0%6.50-0.0%
Chris Blount199.00100.0%6.00100.0%3.00-0.0%
Mike Stewart122.00100.0%2.000.0%-100.0%0.0%
Northern Arizona381834.8250.0%2.9350.0%3.7766.7%21.1%
Marcus King17623.6547.1%2.7541.2%2.1966.7%17.6%
Ronney Jenkins13624.7746.2%3.2253.8%2.87100.0%15.4%
Preston Parsons4276.7575.0%4.0375.0%3.6350.0%25.0%
Cord McKenzie252.5050.0%2.0050.0%1.00-50.0%
David Moran13131.00100.0%7.50100.0%23.50-0.0%
Francis St. Paul1-4-4.000.0%-4.800.0%--100.0%
Receiving StatsTargetsCatchesYardsCatch RtSuccess RtYds/CatchYds/Tgt
Georgia Southern6410066.7%50.0%25.016.7
Andre Weathers2282100.0%100.0%41.041.0
Dedric Parham211350.0%50.0%13.06.5
Adrian Peterson115100.0%0.0%5.05.0
Anthony Williams1000.0%0.0%0.00.0
Northern Arizona513137460.8%45.1%12.17.3
Francis St. Paul1253341.7%25.0%6.62.8
Jeremy Cooper954055.6%44.4%8.04.4
Ronney Jenkins88119100.0%62.5%14.914.9
Stevan Fontana646366.7%66.7%15.810.5
Nate Foreman4462100.0%100.0%15.515.5
Marcus King4000.0%0.0%0.00.0
Jadiem Wilson322666.7%66.7%13.08.7
Trent Lundin212350.0%50.0%23.011.5
Stuart Crandall114100.0%0.0%4.04.0
Bryant Berge114100.0%0.0%4.04.0
C. Satterfield1000.0%0.0%0.00.0
Off.SituationScorePlayPre-Play Win ProbabilityPost-Play Win ProbabilityPlay Impact
2nd Quarter (5:47)
1st and 10 at Own 27
14-7Greg Hill rush over right end for 73 yards to the NAU0, 1ST DOWN GSU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:36.77.2%90.7%13.5%
2nd Quarter (14:24)
3rd and 3 at Opp 31
7-7N31 Cherard Freeman rush pitch right for 31 yards to the NAU0, 1ST DOWN GSU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 14:07.59.4%72.0%12.6%
1st Quarter (11:09)
4th and 6 at Opp 12
0-0T. Dondelinger field goal attempt from 29 MISSED, spot at GSU20, clock 10:44.41.9%50.9%9.0%
2nd Quarter (8:47)
3rd and 15 at Opp 22
14-7Travis Brown middle pass intercepted by Ryan Hadden at GSU0, Ryan Hadden return 0 yards to the GSU0, touchback.66.0%75.0%9.0%
1st Quarter (8:34)
4th and 1 at Own 40
0-0Greg Hill rush quarterback sneak for 3 yards to the GSU43, 1ST DOWN GSU (M. Keddington).47.8%55.6%7.8%
2nd Quarter (13:13)
3rd and 8 at Own 17
14-7Travis Brown screen pass complete to Ranney Jenkins for 18 yards to the NAU35, 1ST DOWN NAU (Arkee Thompson;Kiwaukee Thomas).76.1%69.3%-6.8%
1st Quarter (5:32)
2nd and 5 at Opp 15
0-0B. Cunningham rush pitch left for 15 yards to the NAU0, 1ST DOWN GSU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:09.64.1%70.8%6.7%
2nd Quarter (10:58)
3rd and 3 at Opp 45
14-7Travis Brown flag pass complete to Stevan Fontana for 15 yards to the GSU30, 1ST DOWN NAU, out-of-bounds (Ryan Hadden) .67.9%62.1%-5.8%
1st Quarter (5:09)
7-0Scott Shelton kickoff 31 yards to the NAU34, Cord McKenzie return 0 yards to the NAU34 (Mike Youngblood), PENALTY GSU kick catching interference 15 yards to the NAU49, 1st and 10, NAU ball on NAU49.70.8%65.2%-5.6%
1st Quarter (13:15)
3rd and 2 at Opp 43
0-0Travis Brown sideline pass Complete to Stevan Fontana for 17 yards to the GSU26, 1ST DOWN NAU, out-of-bounds (Mike Youngblood).44.0%38.6%-5.4%